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My name is Roger K. Flowers Sr., and I am the owner and operator of Flowers Sanitation in Virden, IL.  Flowers Sanitation has been a well established family owned and operated business for over 73 years.  I personally have owned and operated Flowers Sanitation for over 36 years.  Flowers Sanitation is a "Useful Business Honestly Provided and Honestly Done....That's Good Business". 

 We continue to see growth daily and strive to give the best service that we possibly can. We appreciate the loyalty over the years that all the towns we service have given us.  My goal is to provide the best service, grow in the areas we currently serve, and expand into new markets.

                                                                            Thank You,
                                                                                        Roger K. Flowers
                                                                                        Owner-Flowers Sanitation Service

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