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  1. How much does a Toter cart cost?  Nothing. 1 cart is provided free of charge to our customers with their subscription to our service in any area we offer residential pick-up. Saving you the customer money and time not buying new trash cans.


  1. What is a Toter Cart? It is made with Heavy Duty Polyethylene resin. The resin is UV color stable and able to withstand temperature ranges from -30 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The garbage cart is designed with a 96 gallon capacity and includes an integral hinged lid and big wheels for easy mobility.


  1. Why is the toter cart size 96 gallons? US nationwide surveys indicate that the average household generates trash volumes equivalent to 2-32 gallon containers of trash per week. A 96 gallon cart provides capacity greater than the national average, just in case you need it.


  1. What if 1 cart isn’t enough? If you need more space on a regular basis a second cart is availbile to you for $8.00/month, for weekly service.


  1. Can I still pay the driver? No. our drivers will not be collecting anymore payments on their route. Please mail your check or money order to our office at P.O. Box 227 Virden, IL 62690


  1. Where should I place my toter cart for collection? In most circumstances, you should position your container as close to the end of the driveway as possible without obstructing access or traffic. A minimum distance of 3 feet must be kept between mailboxes, other carts or other obstacles. The container must be positioned so that it is within 3 feet of the street with the lid opening facing the street. The container is conveniently marked with arrows and printed instructions to help position it properly


  1. Why is my toter cart in a different spot than where I placed it?  If On your service day, the toter cart may have been intentionally returned to a different spot than where you had placed it, the driver had a reason for it, please place in this new spot in the future. 


  1. What if my toter cart is damaged, destroyed or stolen? If your cart is damaged, destroyed, or stolen please contact Flowers Sanitation. If the container is damaged or destroyed through negligent use, you will be responsible for the replacement fee of $65.00. If your container is stolen, please contact Flowers Sanitation. All carts have a serial number and we will be able to look for it. If your cart is damaged or destroyed through normal wear and tear, your cart will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you.


Reminder: The container provided to you is the property of Flowers Sanitation. It must not be defaced, painted, abused, mutilated, altered, modified, or used for purposes other than its intended design

  1. May I use my own trash container? No. Only containers provided by Flowers Sanitation are specially designed to fit and withstand the forces of the cart tippers
  2. What should I do with my old trash cans? We will no longer be servicing your regular trash containers, you can repurpose these, or we can dispose of them for you, just place 3’ beside your toter cart.
  3. When should I roll my container out for collection? You should roll your container out to the street no later than 6:30 AM on your scheduled collection day.
  4. What if my container gets dirty or has bad odor? We recommend using a mild detergent, soft brush and warm water. Rinse with a hose. In most cases, this will be sufficient to clean and deodorize your container. If you have questions, please call Flowers Sanitation.
  5. What should I do with my cart if I move? As noted above the container is the property of Flowers Sanitation. Contact Flowers Sanitation to verify if your new residence will be in Flowers Sanitation service area, and we will be glad to move your cart to your new address free of charge.
  6. What types of trash can I put in my cart? Typical household garbage may be placed in the cart. As long as the lid will close completely. While it is not mandatory, Flowers Sanitation encourages the use of plastic bags for trash contents. This will help keep your cart clean and odor free the integral lid is designed to keep animals and wind from leaving your trash on the street.


  1. Are there any restrictions on what I put in my toter cart? Yes. No toter shall contain earth, sod, rocks, heavy refuse, construction debris or hot ashes. These items cause damage to the collection equipment


  1. Will waste collection days remain the same? As of now yes. but we will be modifying routes to more evenly distribute the number of stops per driver each day. This will result in some routes changing to a different day of the week. We will notify you if and when any changes take place.


  1. Can I purchase my own cart from a local retailer? Customers must use a cart provided by Flowers Sanitation. The carts have been tested and can withstand the grip of the automated arm of the waste truck.


  1. Where can I store my toter cart? Carts should be stored either in the garage or behind the front line of your home


  1. Can I burn in my toter cart? NO. Toter carts are made of plastic and will melt. You will be responsible to replace the cart if you burn in it at a cost of $65.00 for a new cart. If you must burn please allow ashes to cool for 2 days before transferring them into your cart.


  1. Can I still leave garbage out in bags?  NO. All trash needs to be in the cart in order for our employees to dump it.


  1. Can I get a smaller cart? NO not at this time


  1. What will I do if a medical or physical condition prohibits me from handling the cart? Please contact our office and we will make arrangements to get your cart out, dumped, and put back in your location.


  1. What if I have large items for pickup? If you have any bulky items please call Flowers Sanitation for pricing and to set up a pickup of your bulk item.
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